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Everywhere in Particular is a visual adventure travelogue featuring a collection of personal stories about adventure travel, urban explorations and inner growth. With a camera in my hand and a pen behind my ear I roam to the end of the world and back whilst trying to capture the essence and emotion of my journey. With myself as the guinea pig, Everywhere in Particular attempts to help you set aside fear and doubt about getting out there, in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring and the magical for yourself.



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Recent stories

CAPPADOCIA – Flying a hot air balloon into the sunrise

In een luchtballon over het Centraal-Anatolische Plateau glijden tijdens zonsopgang, wie droomt er niet van? Er moeten zowat tienduizend miljoen miljard foto’s circuleren op het internet van ochtendlijke ballonvaartjes in Cappadocia, centraal Turkije, het...

INLE LAKE – Myanmar op z’n kleurrijkst

De luidruchtige buitenboordmotor komt sputterend tot leven bij de tweede aanzwengelpoging van onze kortgerokte kapitein. Hoewel deze opmerking verkeerdelijk kan opgevat worden als een sneer richting de aloude traditie van de Burmese longyi moet...

KAWTHAUNG – Southern gateway to a new country

Diana and I are running late when we arrive to the Tha Saphlan Plaa jetty, where the Thai immigration post is located. Despite being woken up at 7 in the morning by a strange and very loud parade passing under the balcony of the Ranong hostel dorm we are sharing, we...

A month in Thailand

I’ve just crossed the border between Thailand and Myanmar. A little frequented land border mostly used by tourists doing visa runs to renew their Thai visas, thereby spending only minutes in the fascinating young country that Myanmar is. I on the other hand couldn’t...