So a few days ago i went on this trip to Rotterdam. Unable to go snowboarding in France this year (first year since 2003!) due to financial troubles I impulsively agreed on taking a blitztrip to the New York of Holland together with Bram and Oli. Weather conditions were optimal so we jumped in the car and were on our way. Roadtrip baby! A traffic jam halfway to our destination mildered our enthusiasm somewhat but once the Dutch skyscrapers came into view the excited atmosphere became tangible again and the 2003 Hit Club CD … us even more. The gps led us to a youth hostel were we got rid of the car and after unsuccessfully hitting on the receptionist  were shown our room. The first thing any self-respecting Belgian citizen would do in our case was visit KFC for some well deserved Hot Wings. After all we had been driving for at least an hour and a half. Still not sure why they don’t have any restaurants in Belgium! Revived from this healthy local spicy food we continued our quest to see some architecture. The historic centre of Rotterdam was completely destroyed in a bombing during WWII and many buildings didn’t get reconstructed. Instead the city developed into a model of modernity, hosting so much modern architecture that it almost hurts the eye. We walked around for a bit before deciding the chicken wings from before didn’t quite qualify as lunch, so we had a light ‘tostie’ in a cosy sandwichbar to make up for that. Right after lunch, while walking through a children’s playground the idea to make an original little video of our trip came up.

Check the result out here: